Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 258: Monday weigh in and doctor's appointment.

So I stepped on the scales today to discover...body weight of 232 pounds.That's 3 pounds down for the week, 161 pounds lost since surgery, and 188 pounds lost overall. I'm within 7 pounds of my goal weight and I feel fantastic. The temperature was pretty mild at work today and I restarted my walks and that felt good too.

I had a doctor's appointment today and my ultrasound came back clean and he gave me the referral for the plastic surgeon to consult on getting the excess skin removed. He says that based on some things in my record, the surgery is a medical necessity, so my insurance should cover it. I'll have to call them tomorrow to ask.

Now it appears that I'm approaching the end of this part of the journey, but not to worry. I'm not intending to stop writing the blog when I get to the end of this journey. I'll just be starting a new path onto maintenance. I'll also start posting some more advisory style blogs for those who are also considering or on their own journey now.

Speaking of other people on their journey, Today is Cindy's four month anniversary since being sleeves and she is down to 209 pounds.That makes 70 pounds she's lost to date. I'm pleased with her progress and very proud of her. She's set her mind to bettering herself and she's doing it. That's what we're all doing, I suppose.

Do videnja!

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